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  1. So Fusion Primer cures to a very hard and durable coating ? Can Fusion Primer be left as is without worry of rust forming a year from now when I put the final top coat on ? It can be used in hard to reach areas and top coated a year from now without scuffing and still have the same bonding ? Here's my plan and maybe you can suggest the KBS product and process to use 1. I will be restoring small areas at a time. Maybe the wheel well area, maybe part of the frame, maybe the outside of a door. 2. As each section is repaired I'll clean it with KBS Clean and apply K
  2. Why use Self Etch Primer if your Rust Seal or Top Coat can be painted over with a final top coat paint brand and color of my choosing ? I'm restoring a large old vehicle (1941) that was originally primed with a zinc dichromate primer. For the most part there is little rust anywhere and will scuff these areas up and prime. For the areas there is rust, I will repair, use KBS Clean and KBS Rust Blast followed with a primer. It will be approximately a year before applying a final top coat of paint brand and color of my choosing. I need a base coat that seals the bare metal until pa
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