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  1. Hi, Some faces look great, others not so much. I was careful to not shake or whip the sealer, but it looks like some air bubbles were introduced while I was gently tumbling the tank. Will these be an issue? I was also careful to not let the sealer puddle, but I'm not sure I could have avoided these drips. You can see some of the drips have dried into a sort of wrinkle. As far as I can tell, the sealant that contains these bubbles and wrinkles is rigid and providing full coverage. Outside temperature was low 70's and I did this under shade if that makes a difference. Thanks
  2. Thanks again for your responsiveness. I am going to seal the tank and will follow up with results.
  3. 1) The first soak was about 2 hours. The second was about 30 minutes. Both times, turning the tank, wetting all sides and setting down on a new side every 5 minutes. 2) I rinsed the tank with running water for 10-15 minutes and let it air dry. It was a hot day and visible water had evaporated in about 20 minutes. 3) Live in Arlington, VA Other possibly useful information: I used a 1/2 quart of Rust Blast each soak. Directions say it's good for up to a 5-gallon tank, and this tank is only 2 gallons. Thanks for the quick response.
  4. Hi, I’m using the KBS tank sealer kit. After KBS Klean, my tank looked better (last of 3 pics, still wet). After Rust Blast, rinse and dry, it looks as rusty as before (first 2 pics) and does not appear to have the white zinc phosphate coating. Am I still good to proceed to the Tank Sealer step? Thanks, Jorts
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