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  1. 4 months later and paint is still not turning colors on the exhaust ports. Awesome paint!
  2. Thought I would update and let you know I got the exhaust ports painted. The paint shade is a little different from my other Pontiac Blue Metalic however I think the color will work with it. I have gone through the curing process. I let it idle for about 40 min. The center port got up to 450 +- the other ports get about 350 +- at idle. It want been driven for another week to see the full potential of your paint generally the paint cooks of after the first ride so I'll update again. That i I would add a before after photo.
  3. Thanks for the information. Is it ok to wait 24 hrs between coatings or should I make sure I have a day where I can wait 8 hours for the 2nd coat?
  4. I have a set of Heads on a Pontiac 400 motor that engine paint does not stay on the exhaust ports. I purchased some of your Pontiac Metallic Blue to try on them. I plan to Wire brush the exhaust pots well and clean with your KBS klean. Then foam brush a couple light coats of the Extream temp coating. Is there any thing else I should do. If this works and looks good, I will spread the news to the Pontiac community.
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