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  1. Hello, I’m a novice at this. I’ve ordered Diamond Clear and I read the directions online . My question is "when" can it be applied over a Summit Racing Single Stage Acrylic Urethane Paint. Presently I have three color coats on a fiberglass golf cart body. The body was sanded and primed with Eastwood “Contour” polyester primer. Great product. However, I’m not quite happy with the single stage color finish. Hence I ordered your Clear Diamond Coat The color coat has a 15 minute flash time and it recoated nicely. (coat #1, wait 20min. coat #2 wait 20min…) I know that I must sand if the coating has cured. Same with your product. Here’s my question. Now that the color coat has cured I’d like to know if I can sand the color coat, apply one or two more color coats then shoot the KBS Diamond Clear after the color coat flash time. 20 minutes. Really looking forward to using your product. Luke
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