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  1. The directions say this about for black top paint. 'Do not shake can. Do not whip. Take the time to stir contents thoroughly making sure pigments are well-dispersed. Do not paint directly out of can. Dispense a working amount of Black Top into a separate container (steel or glass is best) and seal can immediately'. My question is why steel or glass? Should I use a paint strainer for black top paint or will it do something to the screen or glue in the strainer I ask this because I would like to use a Disposable Gravity Cup System with a screen in the bottom of the cup and I don't want to plug my spray gun.
  2. ABC

    Car trailer anti-skid.

    Do you think the 12 mesh brown Aluminum Oxide Grit will break off?
  3. ABC

    Car trailer anti-skid.

    I was thinking blast or KBS paint remover along with wire wheel.
  4. I been thinking about using KBS Rust Seal to make Anti-Skid on my car trailer with 12 mesh brown Aluminum Oxide Grit. What would you do different i.e. reduce, not reduce, spray not spray, brush not brush etc. 1. Three step system for rust protection. 2. Roll on one coat Galvanized Steel Rust seal. 3. Brush on second coat Rust seal and every six inches put down 12 mesh brown Aluminum Oxide Grit.4.One more rust seal coat. 5.Spray Fusion Self-Etch Primer. 6. Spray Top coat with KBS Black top OEM Stain black.
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