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  1. What grit or pad would be best to scuff the fully cured Blackcoat before 2K clear?
  2. I asked this question about the 2k awhile ago and am now finally getting ready to paint and have a follow up question. After waiting 24 hours for the paint to cure, do I need to be concerned about any adhesion issues with the 2K clear. It concerns me because I have never painted over fully cured paint without scuffing or using adhesion promoter. Sorry if I am being overly concerned, but I only have a limited amount of products and need for it to be correct the first time. Thanks
  3. I am sorry if this has been covered already. I am using Rustseal as a preventative measure on a motorcycle frame that only has a few small spots of rust, overall it is in perfect condition. I want to achieve a powdercoat like finish with little orange peel and high gloss. Two Questions. 1.Before using KBS Klean and RustBlast, can I sand up to 400 Grit or should I stop with 220 or 320? 2. Will a 2k Clear increase the overall gloss or is there a general consensus that it is overkill in this situation? Thanks
  4. Is KBS Clean and RustBlast a good prepping system to use with Epoxy Primer and Basecoat/Clearcoat?
  5. Can a 2K clear be sprayed over Blacktop as soon as it is dry to the touch or does it need more curing before clearing? Thanks
  6. After waiting 7 days for curing, can the 2k clear be applied to Motor Coater without any prep (scuffing,etc.)
  7. Can I (or should I) use a 2K primer on my engine before Motor Coater or does it adhere best straight to metal after Rustblast? Also, are there any problems topcoating with a 2K Clear?
  8. Using Numetal for the first time and have a couple of questions. Do I have to wait for a 12 hour cure before sanding or topcoating? When can I apply Body filler or glaze over Numetal? Thanks
  9. I understand the recommended way of using body filler (2 coats KBS -> Body Filler-> 300 Grit-> Rust Seal) but sparing all the details of why, there may be a time in my project where Rustblast will come in contact with cured Bondo before it is coated with RustSeal. I am curious as to the effect of Rustblast on the Bondo. Is there any problem with coating RustSeal over Bondo that has been exposed to RustBlast?
  10. I am going to be using my KBS products for two different jobs a few months apart. Is the BEST way to store KBS by cleaning can ridges, covering with thick plastic wrap, sealing the lid and refrigerating? How about freezer (or is that overkill)?
  11. I ordered some products to paint my motorcycle frame. The frame is in good shape overall with only a few very small rust spots. I am concerned about adhesion on such a clean surface.I know the RustBlast etches the metal but I confused whether the etching properties only work on rusted metal and not clean metal. So far, I have striped the factory paint and sanded with 150 grit. Should I go ahead with the KBS system from here OR could I sand up to 220/320 grit?
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