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  1. I'm about to do the 3 step RustSeal on the underside of my Kubota mower deck. I've been fighting peeling paint and rust for a number of years, tried POR15, Kubota Orange, and others with little success. My question,, has anyone ever used KBS Undercoat Solvent Based Rubberized Undercoating on the underside of a mower deck? I'm confident that RustSeal will out perform the previous paints,, wondering if top coating RustSeal with the undercoat would be of any benefit?
  2. Can DiamondFinish Clear be applied with a Preval sprayer? I've read the reviews on your Headlight Restoration kit, one reviewer suggests that he may use this instead of foam brushes.
  3. I'm restoring an older vehicle that has anodized aluminum wheels. The original coating is mostly gone, I'll be removing what's left with your KBS Strip. I'd like to keep the look as close to the original anodized finish, protected,, but not much of a shine. I thought maybe that I'd try your KBS Maxx clear flat. Any idea of how this might look? Any pictures you could share? Can KBS Maxx be used with a spray gun? If so, any specific instructions for use this way?
  4. Can NuMetal be applied to KBS BackBone after being painted with RustSeal? I have a couple of nickel sized rust holes in a non-critical area. Your directions suggest adhering the KBS BackBone mesh with RustSeal. That's fine,, but can I then cover everything with a thin coat of NuMetal? These small holes are in an area that's tough to reach should I have to repair with new sheet metal.
  5. I'm removing the factory undercoating along both sides of the pinch welds on my VW. Pinch welds were bent in places where car was lifted improperly, undercoating peeling, surface rust where the undercoating has cracked. Can I apply the KBS Strip with a small brush so that it is applied in very small areas? What is the best method of neutralizing the surface afterwards to ensure that a new coat of paint won't be affected by any remaining stripper?
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