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  1. I have been storing diamond finish very well for months at a time by using the argon gas or Bloxygen product, this has really worked for me. I tried all the methods, solvent drizzle, the mason jars, decanting into smaller new paint tins, plastic under the lid, all with ok success, but the argon gas was the absolute best solution, hope this helps anyone having issues with storage.
  2. I am using Diamond finish over candy paints and have had a piece in full sun for 4 years, no yellowing , awesome. My question is what protection does Diamondfinish have to protect the product underneath, like paints that may fade in sun, also wanted to put some over the epoxy coating on a Stand Up Paddle board to offer UV protection. Thanks for the reply on the food safe question.
  3. I am planning on using diamondfinish clear on a fruit bowl and platter. Once fully cured is it ok to have food in contact ?
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