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  1. How can i get rid of the excess sealer from puddling during cure time? The lips around all of the openings make this task impossible.
  2. Let me make sure i understand correctly. The sealer must be applied to all sides of the tank including the top? The tank that needs sealing has lips around each opening. What is the best way to remove the excess?
  3. I want to protect the weld seams in my fuel tank from rust. Can the rust sealer be used internally on a tank? If not, can the tank sealer be painted on the seals inside the tank instead of lining the entire tank? A family member keeps discouraging me from DIY fuel sealers as he had a friend that used one and came apart clogging the fuel system. Both these guys are mechanical engineers that work in Aerospace... so it's hard to discount their advice. What advice can you give for my application and perhaps this family member?
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