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    Ekbergpam reacted to mgs.shelton in Pin Holes in Bottom of Truck Doors   
    I have small pin holes just starting in bottom of pick-up truck doors and cab corners. Have been looking for a product to stop the rust so I wouldn't have to weld in new metal. What would you recommend?
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    Ekbergpam reacted to byrone in Battery Box   
    What is the proper set of products and instructions to use for a rusty battery box, in particular those deep well battery boxes internal to the car where water, acid and rust has collected over the years, but the metal is still solid.
    Thank you.
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    Ekbergpam reacted to ymelnic1 in Early Bronco bed and interior   
    Hello, I am restoring a 74 Bronco. I want to use KBS instead of Rhinoliner to seal off the entire interior body of the truck. There have been bondo repairs on the floor panels and there are some holes to be patched. I started sanding the interior with a wire wheel and a drill. I see rust coming off the floor panels, however I do not see bare metal. Occasionally i do see sparks (I'm guessing from steel). There are pieces of carpet still attached in some spots. My main questions are: 1.0 - How do I know when to stop sanding when I don't see bare (shiny) metal? How much rust do I need to remove for the product to perform well and last? 2.0 - Will the Trunk and Floor Pan kit be enough supplies to get the job done with 2 coats of Rust Seal? Thank you for any help and/or suggestions!!
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    Ekbergpam reacted to slo in applying over nuts, bolts, threads etc   
    if i am going to use one of these kits would there be a prob if i go iside a thread? or will it help like teflon etc? if coat something that is already bolted together wil there be a problem n bolting the part? or will it break off like a paint or anything else...

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    Ekbergpam reacted to chrisexv6 in Klean between RustBlast and RustSeal?   
    Hit my freshly sandblasted metal with KBS Klean, then RustBlast.
    Stupidly moved the stuff into the sun without wearing gloves (after the Rust Blast was washed off).
    To make sure the RustSeal adheres well, can I use Klean again on the RustBlast-ed parts, wash it off and let dry, then paint on the RustSeal?
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    Ekbergpam reacted to goldman1 in Coating my frame   
    I bought Rust Seal in Grey and going to top coat it with Blacktop. Is the Grey color going to be more difficult to cover being the Blacktop is black. In your online directions it instructs to use Black Rust Seal and then Blacktop. Thanks.
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    Ekbergpam reacted to xmare in Diamond finish on faux effect painted surface   
    Hello, I am an artist and I am currently doing marble faux finish on plaster. I use homemade oil glaze, composed by turpentine, dammar varnish, linseed oil and cobalt dryer. I need an extra hard, clear gloss finish for this surface, to make it durable and resistant to scratching.
    Would Diamond Finish be an option?
    Thank you.
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    Ekbergpam reacted to redman in Painting Entire Truck Exterior   
    I have a 2001 Dodge Ram, and the paint is flaking off. I have found out that it is an adhesion issue between the primer and the paint that the factory used. I plan on stripping the truck to bare metal, and applying a complete finish to the truck.
    I would like a very sturdy finish, but I do not want to go the bed liner route.
    Here is my questions.
    1. I plan on using the paint strip and then the three part rust seal kit. Is there anything I need to do between stripping and using the rust seal 3 step kit?
    2. I plan on using the KBS MAXX as my top coat. Is there anything I need to do between the rust seal, and the MAXX?
    3. Is the Maxx a UV stable coating? Do I need to use the DiamondClear over the Maxx.
    4. Is there any other combination of your products you would recommend to provide a long lasting final finish from bare metal?
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    Ekbergpam reacted to cblake in Recoating question   
    Hey this is my first post and I hope this is in the right section. Ok I bought a junkyard tank a while back and cleaned and striped it with the kbs kit and then I primed it. Now recently I decided to change the gas cap which required some brazing. Now I know its going to need a recoat. So I would like to strip the tank inside and out with some kind of acid so I can do a recoat. Now the easiest way would be to take it to the radiator shop and let them do it for I think $80, that includes there liner. Thanks
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    Ekbergpam reacted to D-Max2012 in Motorcycle gas tank   
    Hello, I'm doing a lot of research to find the best tank liner for my 91 Yamaha V-Max 1200. Your product seems to be the one of choice, but I might have a special situation. My bike's gas tank is not like conventional top tanks. It actually sits right under the rider’s seat. There is no petcock valve and the fuel pick up line is welded into the tank and it extends to its bottom. Also there is a vent line at the top that has a small orifice for the breather hose. Since preparation requires the handling of the tank, it is not an easy job to remove my tank from the bike. It requires jacking up the bike and removal of the back wheel, swing arm and other parts. Not a simple task. If I go through the time and trouble of removing all these parts to get to my tank, I only want to have to do this once. :-) Now, for my question: If my pickup line is physically inside the tank, capping off the end would not suffice. Coating would seal up the end of the pickup line inside the tank. What method would you suggest to make sure, not only the pick-up tube is clear, but the breather line also. Remember, the breather line has a tiny opening, similar to that of a water spray jet for cooling on hot days. Thanks a lot for your time Darren
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    Ekbergpam reacted to ron7k in painting sandblasted truck chassis   
    having the rear frame of my 2006 sierra sand blasted. what products should i use on it? also for the front of the truck under the cab is pretty bad but isn't getting blasted, what products should i use on that? the problem is the calcium chloride or whatever road salt has eaten away the metal and the oem paint and coatings on everything from the chassis to the parking brake cable brackets has flaked off.
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    Ekbergpam reacted to jfv in Applying Vinyl Graphics over Diamond Clear.   
    How long after applying Diamond Clear would it be recommended to apply vinyl graphics?
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    Ekbergpam reacted to Rebecca in Painted on Concrete   
    Which products would work for painted onto a concrete surface (2 coats) and used as a protective coating (it will have really hot metal carts that are fresh out of a powder coat booth over (over 500 degrees) rolling over it and sitting on it)? Please advise.
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    Ekbergpam reacted to bfg in Pressure in can of Blacktop   
    I just received a quart of Blacktop as well as various other KBS products earlier this week. I accidentally knocked the can of Blacktop over and discovered the bottom was buldgeing out as if it were pressurized. I checked the cans of rust seal and the gas tank restoration kit but those seem fine. Is this something I should be concerned about? The cans have not been opened and I have not used any of the products yet.
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    Ekbergpam reacted to elkyman in Frame and underbody treatment   
    We are starting the frame off restoration of a 79 El Camino. The car has only mild surface rust on the frame and even less on the body. Road salt is a big concern in the winter, so we want to treat the frame, the underside of the body, and the firewall to make sure rust doesn't become a problem in the future. I know the firewall will need a top coat to stop UV damage, but we don't plan to use a top coat on the frame.

    The All in one chassis kit looks like the right product to buy, but I think we will need more RustSeal to handle the underside of the body. How much more would we need?
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    Ekbergpam reacted to TommyZ in Painting an aluminum jon boat.   
    This is an older thread, but hopefully gets some attention... I was wondering if I should use KBS on the bottom of my aluminum jon boat, what type of prep should I do, and is it feasible? Thanks.
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    Ekbergpam reacted to jgordon12364 in axle question   
    I have a 2002 Toyota Tacoma and the cover on the rear axle has pin hole leaks. Unfortunately the rear pumpkin cover is welded and can't be replaced so I was wondering if the tank restoration kit would seal the cover? I am not sure if it can hold up against the 80-90 gear oil. The axle housing is almost a thousand dollars to replace so was hoping that this kit might work. Any suggestions? Thanks Jim.
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    Ekbergpam reacted to Paul in Diamond Finish   
    Does the Diamond Finish come in any colour other than white and Clear? I want to repaint my wooden boat which is white bottom with varnish top. I am not re-varnishing, I will be sanding back the varnish and repainting with Diamond Finish. Can you advise on any other colour/s?
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    Ekbergpam reacted to Bilito in 2nd coat of tank sealer   
    Is it possible to apply a second coat of sealer to my fuel tank.
    It is a big, 35 gallon cylindrical marine galvanized tank and I bought the 25 gal kit plus an extra pint can of sealer for the job.
    just applied the sealer yesterday and was wondering it it was possible or advisable to apply a second coat just to be on the safe side.
    The tank will be reinstalled below deck on my boat and I had to remove the exhaust manifold to get it out.
    Just want to be sure it will never have another pin hole leak because of rust and the gas we have to use nowadays
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    Ekbergpam reacted to dlakin in Set up & cure time for your clear   
    I would like to know what the set up & cure time is for your clear final coat? and is it water clear in color?
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    Ekbergpam reacted to 808Yota in Surface Prep on Painted Surfaces   
    Hello All,
    I have a 1985 Toyota Pickup and am currently in the process of treating rust spots on the cab and in the bed of the truck. There are spots on the bed that have rust, a few spots with rust holes and areas that are painted without any rust at all. My goal was to not only treat the spots that have rust but also coat the entire bed and underside of the bed in the Rust Seal so that I would not have to worry about rust in the future.
    I was wondering what the proper procedure would be if I wanted to coat the whole bed with the Rust Seal? Would sanding the painted surfaces with 300 grit sand paper before applying the Klean and Rust Blast be sufficient prep work in getting the Rust Seal to adhere to a painted surface? Is there a way to get the rust seal to adhere to a painted surface without having to strip the entire bed of its paint?
    Thanks for any help!
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    Ekbergpam reacted to Zeb in Door Edges Starting To Rust   
    I bought the 3 step sample kit in 2012 to do the bottom edges of the doors on my crew cab truck. The insides of the bottom edges are starting to rust. I ordered the it with the black top coat. Question one is, is this kit still good or does it have a shelf life? I have never opened it and it has been in the basement, so it has never froze. Question two is, if the sample kit is still good, can I order just a sample size can of the off white to use with my sample kit I already have instead of using the black I bought a couple years ago?
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    Ekbergpam reacted to swuff in Building Frame for Truck - Rust Prevention   
    I am building wench frame to put on truck. will I have to prime frame before I paint coating on frame? it will be welded together and brushed cleaned and all rust will be brushed cleaned and chemically removed. will I need a kit or just use the paint?
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    Ekbergpam reacted to keh27 in new suspenion parts rust seal   
    i want to put kbs coating on my new suspenion parts that are not painted, is all i need to do is use the kbs kleen wash, and the rust seal and top coat? no need to rrust blat correct?
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    Ekbergpam reacted to akeyzoo in Diamond Finish Clear to repair failing clear coat   
    I own a Motorhome, and the clearcoat on the top is failing. The section failing is not very visible, so I would like a roll-on solution to prevent further damage to the paint. Can this product be applied over exising paint, hold up to the UV beating on top of my RV and be applied via roller? If so, what surface prep do you recommend? Chris
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