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  1. I am about to pour in a some aircraft remover, which active ingrediant is Methylene chloride. I am a bit skeptical, because it's thick, like paste - but guessing if I rotate the tank every 20 miutes or so, it should loosen up the liner. Any idea if the next (proper) process of sealing the tank will help the cause? Will the etching/etc/new seal "lock in" anything that's left over? this is a tight tank, only cap hole on top and 3/8" on bottom, almost impossible to really get anything in there...
  2. A failed attempt at using KBS gold for my honda cx500 deluxe tank. It's peeling wildly, so it needs to be stripped out. I tried some acetone with no noticible results on a test piece that I pulled out. I am next going to try KBS strip, but wondering how it works. Is there a max time the stripper can be in the tank? I assume it's like a thick, gel...will it be difficult to get around all the sides? What time window do I have to remove the stripper once it's done it's job. Most importantly, how do I thin down the stripper so it can drain (along with bad sealer) out the 3/8 fuel line hole at the bottom of the tank? How do I clean up when done? is the stripper water soluble? lacquer thinner? what?
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