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  1. After receiving a replacement kit - (thanks KBS), I followed the stripping instructions to the letter but the whole of the failedcoating was not removed. However, after repeating the washing process numerous times, I felt that the remianing sealant had adhered well enough to continue with the re-sealing process.

    This time the sealant did not foam as it had doen originally and everything appeared to proceed as it should do.

    Result : - one sealed tank... but lingering doubts that the sealant is 100% as it should be.. so making sure that I fit a good fuel filter !

  2. Hi there,

    Just looked inside the tank to see whether anything had changed and was surprised to see sheets of the lining material hanging down. It is a complete mess and needs to be redone. Getting the failed coating out is going to be a real problem.

    Surface rust has formed behind the sheets and there appears to be little adhesion between the coating and the inside of the tank.

    The treatment has failed catastrophically. I guess that something has gone wrong with the preparation. Please advise. At this rate it would have been cheaper to buy a new tank....


  3. Hi there,

    I have just emptied the gas tank of Gold Seal Gas Tank Sealer and was surprised to see the silver liquid began foaming and bubbling eventually overflowing the can.

    I bought the system a year ago and have just got around to using it. I did the preparation 4 days ago and left the tank to dry for 3 days. A little fluid came out of the tank when I was checking it before applying the last stage and so I heated the tank internally by using a hot air blower as shown on the video. The tank did become quite hot and I rotated it to ensure all of the water was evaporated. The tank was left for an hour to cool down but it was a warm day here in Florida. Temperature when I inserted the sealer was bout 75F.

    The overflowed sealant eventually collapsed and is curing quickly.

    Just wondering how the sealant will turn out... 'b'Can I be sure that the sealant has worked?'/b' The tank was in reasonably good condition to start with - but I am undertaking a car restoration and wanted to make sure that the tank was clean and in as good a condition as possible.



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