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  1. Which is the ideal surface for Rustseal? 1.light rust 2.grit/sand blasted 3.wire wheel 4.sandpaper 5.? When using sandpaper, which is the ideal grit to give Rustseal the best "anchor" possible? When sand/ grit blasting, is it best to use very fine, fine or medium blast media? for best adhesion of rustseal. Thank you
  2. Im repairing stone chips and small gashes (rips) on the rubberized underseal on a newish car. The chips and rips on the underseal have left spots of rust which I will sand down or wire wheel down to bare metal. After sanding / wheeling this rust, the underseal will have the appearance of dimples or small crevices in the rubber underseal Would it be ok to fix these small patches / holes with Rustseal 3 step process? what would be the best way to ensure the rustseal sticks to the roughed up edges on the rubberized underseal? I want to avoid removing the entire underseal as the small repairs make it impractical, the underseal is v good condition plus the car is not very old. Many thanks
  3. I did some wire wheeling to clean rust on the underside of my car and the rust was so bad it just made a hole in the metal. I would say the hole is about 1.5 inch by 3/4 inch by 1/2 inch deep. Can I just plug / fill the hole up with Nu-metal? Also, would I apply Rust seal before or after Nu-metal? Thanks
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