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    KBS Coatings reacted to Ben in Primer   
    I appreciate the help, looking forward to using KBS products for the first time.
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    KBS Coatings reacted to MrBeefy in School Bus Floor - Many Questions   
    Your customer service is simply amazing, both here on the forum & via email. And from all accounts your products are as well. Thank you so much. We already ordered 4 pints because I was having a bad-math day. We'll be hitting you up for the remaining gallon + thinner next week! ūüĎć
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    KBS Coatings reacted to Ga55er in Methylene Chloride   
    Thank you! Found some MEK at the commercial paint store (hardware stores only carry substitute) and it seemed to be working, until my agitator suffered a catastrophic failure....

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    KBS Coatings reacted to Fred in Using RustBlast on engine while in car   
    Thank you!
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    KBS Coatings reacted to ShawnM in Using rust blast and a rust converter   
    Sounds good!  Thanks. 
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    KBS Coatings reacted to Yorda in Shelf life   
    Thank you.
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    KBS Coatings reacted to Jorts in After Rust Blast, how much is too much rust?   
    Update: As instructed, I let the tank sealer cure for two weeks then attempted to pop any bubbles with a wire coat hanger - they were solid. I mounted the tank and used the bike all last summer without issue. There was gasoline in the tank all winter and when I started it up last weekend, there were no issues. The tank sealer inside looks fine. Great product and great customer service. Thanks KBS!
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    KBS Coatings reacted to aloechler in not curing   
    16 hours for the first coat to setup and not show a finger print, but was still able to dent it with finger nail
    24 hours for the second coat to setup in the same way
    third coat of blacktop was fine, it appears to have turned out well.  it makes things difficult because the coats need to be laid down before the previous cures all the way... I'm impressed with the coating in general but the dependence of humidity is difficult to manage. 
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    KBS Coatings reacted to silverbullet07 in Xtream Temperture Coating on Cast Iron Heads   
    4 months later and paint is still not turning colors on the exhaust ports. Awesome paint!
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    KBS Coatings reacted to po18guy in Repairing damage to XTC paint.   
    Thank you very much! Will do.
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    KBS Coatings reacted to po18guy in Primer>Color>clear?   
    Thank you very much! I will bear in mind that the zinc primer is a high-temp coating by itself. For anyone reading, this is a pair of Cobra F1 slip-on mufflers that have been on the bike since 2000. They are a steel "mid-pipe/baffle assembly" with an alloy canister riveted over the back half. Other than the internal fiberglass needing a re-pack, I found them in great shape internally, with only surface rust. I wire-wheeled and used RustBlast on the steel baffles and they look great. The Xtreme zinc primer will help them last another 18 years, I'm sure. 
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    KBS Coatings reacted to Bait Painter in KBS Diamond Cold Weather Use   
    Thank you for the quick response.  Will update with the results.
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    KBS Coatings reacted to Mickey in DiamondFinish Clear over artist oil paint or other oil-based paints   
    Thanks so much KBS!  
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    KBS Coatings reacted to meyerweb in Safe for plastic tank parts / fuel pump?   
    Thank you.
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    KBS Coatings got a reaction from rebar in Rear Quarter Panel   
    We like that study, but it does not apply here though because RustSeal is not a primer like they tested.
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    KBS Coatings reacted to Alex in Motorcycle tank .. Thoughts and advice.   
    Just a follow up.... If you are old enough to remember when the thermos had a glass interior then .... that is what the finished product looks and feels like. I for some reason thought it would be rubbery but it is a hard hard pretty shell. Getting the excess sealer out was the hardest part of the entire project. I did take two days to do it but I prepped and took my time.
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    KBS Coatings reacted to 64GTO in Rust seal under hood   
    Ok, thank you!
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    KBS Coatings got a reaction from Jim in Storing DiamondFinish Clear   
    Thanks for the feedback and we are looking to come out with an argon gas product because of all of the positive feedback from our customers.
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    KBS Coatings reacted to Jim in Storing DiamondFinish Clear   
    I have been storing diamond finish very well for months at a time by using the argon gas or Bloxygen product, this has really worked for me. I tried all the methods, solvent drizzle, the mason jars, decanting into smaller new paint tins, plastic under the lid, all with ok success, but the argon gas was the absolute best solution, hope this helps anyone having issues with storage.
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    KBS Coatings reacted to Guest in Classic Trucks Magazine   
    I just landed here after seeing your article in the new edition of Classic Trucks magazine and I was going to use Rust Bullet, but since seeing your site and what all you offer, I think I just might be going with your product instead.

    I have a 1970 Chevy Blazer K5 that I am slooowwwly restoring and was wondering if this Trunk & Floorpan kit will be enough to cover the entire insides of the Blazer? I want to do the entire floor inside the truck in the front and in the back and also the rocker panels. I also want to do the inside rear side walls of the bed and inside of the tailgate. Would the quart of product be enough in your opinion to cover everything or would ordering extra be recommended?
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    KBS Coatings got a reaction from PhilP in Clear Coat Over KBS MAXX   
    Dust the aluminum alloy wheels with Fusion Self-Etch Primer and then apply 2-3 coats KBS MAXX. After that, you can apply the KBS MAXX Clear for extra durability. You could also use DiamondFinish Clear over KBS MAXX but most customers clear over KBS MAXX with KBS MAXX Clear.
    Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.
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    KBS Coatings reacted to Erock in RedKote...UGH!!!!!!!   
    Thanks so much....!!!
    Going online now to order more product..
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    KBS Coatings got a reaction from WelchTrer in Making tank watertight   
    You can use corks to plug up the holes. Or you can put plastic over the holes and attached the plastic to the tank with duck tape that way the KBS Klean is mostly in contact with the plastic versus the adhesive from the duck tape. Please let us know if that helps and if you have any additional questions.
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    KBS Coatings got a reaction from Michaelkt in Powder Coating a sealed tank   
    I coated a bike tank last year and this year I am sending the tank out for powder coating. My question is how will the tank sealer hold up. The tech told me the tank will be heated to 400 degrees. I'm concerned that I will have to remove the lining job I did last year.
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    KBS Coatings got a reaction from Michaelkt in Just the Bottom   
    I have 3--5 gallon round gas cans that the bottom seams need sealing. Can I get away with getting the small kit and just sealing the bottoms, or does this need the full tank coated for this to work?
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